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PostSubject: Sup!!.....   Sup!!..... I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 07, 2010 5:23 pm

So hey. My name is Vincent. Call me what ever you like. Vincent/Vince/Vinnie, or call me by my ign, Mirage. Well, here's my intro.

Age: 15
Sex: M
Schooling: Freshman
Interests: Animations and GFX

So that sums it up. I am an ametuer GFX artists. I have been GFX for many servers. If you need a siggy or something, feel free to ask. I will see what I can do. My other online love is forum moderation and creation. I am very familiar with the type 'Darkstory' uses, forummotion. I have created many and have found many secrets. I used to like to play with settings to see how it goes. Aside from the computer, I like music. I was in choir for 6 years, until this year actually, and I play the guitar. I like to think of myself as fun and easygoing. I do tend to have an anger problem, nto so much online though. I am familiar with maplestory up to v75 and a little beyond, but dislike many of the new stuff (aran/evan). Well heres some extra info.

Maple History:
I have been playing Global ever since its beta debute a few years back.

Private Server:
I have been playing PS on and off for about 2 years. I have been on all ranks of the PS world including, trainee GM, GM, Fourm Moderator, Forum Admin, Game Admin, and even Owner. Few examples below.

DracoMS- GM candidate.
This was one of the older ones. One of the first popular ones, even made rank 1 or 2 on xtremetop and gtop I think. I think it went underground for a while then vanished. Met many great people there, very nice community.

nYc MS- Forum Moderator
Great coders, wasn't up for too long, no one to host it really.

ResonanceMS- Admin
Started with a friend, it was v62, didn't stay for too long, was going to be partnered with nYc.

MirageMS- Owner
I'm a rookie, didn't get much done. Made it for the sake of saying I can. Never went non hamachi before I deleted everything.

NhatMS- GM on the GFX team.
Cool server, had to end things for school reasons.

ArtiqMS- Forum Moderator
Thought it was going back up, but apparently shutdown.

What I'm looking for:
I just want a good community, somewhere I can come to with great people and fun events. I have explored pretty much all of the Maple world. Just looking for a good place to chill and talk.

Yeah so now that you know a little about me, lets see if we can get along.
Hope for the best!
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